“Thank you Simon for an incredible consultation session – what superb value for money!
What I found exceptionally helpfully is your ability to bring design, practicality, the structure of the house and legislation all together.
Not only could you tell me what would look great you could also advise on materials, cost savings and building regulations.
You also indulged me on some of my more wacky ideas and rather than tell me your preference either advised me as to alternative options or developed them even further!
Your background and experience make for such a unique selling point as you are both an interior designer and building advisor rolled into one. Perfect from a client perspective.
I now feel as if I can achieve a fabulous looking home based on informed decision making rather than rushing it through and making mistakes.
And now that the upstairs is almost complete, we’d love you to come back and help us with the downstairs.
Thank you so much!”

Rebekah, Richmond.

“My girlfriend and I recently found ourselves in a new property with no idea how to tackle many daunting questions related to colour schemes, furnishings and lighting. Thankfully, we found Simon. In a two hour meeting, he was able to give us gave us a huge amount of practical, easy to follow advice, which has given us peace of mind and inspiration in equal measure. His relaxed, open-minded approach meant we felt completely at ease through the process and there was none of the hard sell or preciousness we had anticipated. All in all, it was a highly enjoyable and fruitful experience and I would recommend his services to anyone.”

Dominic, Earlsfield.

“Dear Simon, I was very pleased with the positioning of all the pictures and so delighted that at last, with your help, we have finally managed to display so much of what we have (rather than it languishing in boxes where it has been for far too long!).  We will now get much enjoyment from our collection.”

Cathie, Chiswick.

“…I was so impressed with the way you had thought through what could be done and what was needed by us a family rather than presenting ‘off-the–shelf’ ideas…”

Christine, Barnes

“It was very valuable to have a fresh pair of eyes on my refurbishment plans…you slotted straight into the project and were able to advise on every aspect, not just the design…”

Elspeth, Wimbledon

”After spending ages thinking about how I could create a small luxury bathroom out of part of a bedroom, I invited Simon round to help me figure out a plan.  Initially this was all I thought I’d use him for but he was so helpful, and had so many good ideas that I ended up asking him to design and manage the project!  I’d never considered using a designer before, because I’d assumed they were all the price that you see in the magazines, so I was shocked to see that Simon’s service was well within my budget.  I’m really glad I found him because looking back on it I can see that I’ve saved myself loads of time, money and stress using his expertise (I don’t think there’s any way I could have found the perfect items at such a good price or coped with organising the ins and outs of the process!).  I’m so happy with the result, it’s a really little room but it feels huge; in a room that’s about one metre wide and three metres long (so there’s no way I could have put a normal bath in) I have a two person bath, loads of hidden storage, the best shower I’ve ever had and most importantly, a place for my glass of wine when I’m having a bath!  Added to that I’ve got such a beautiful room, with gorgeous tiles and colours that everyone who sees it comments on it, even my carpet fitters spent five minutes asking me about it!  I’m really impressed with what Simon’s done, and that even a room like mine can have this level of design and luxury…”

Jo, Tunbridge Wells

“Simon is full of ideas and I have felt differently about my home since he helped me…he has helped me create my dream home.”

Elizabeth, Walworth