Please don’t be intimidated by the thought of having a designer round. I am just as interested in tweaking a single room as redesigning a whole house so do contact me even if you think it’s too small.

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Where I work

I live and work in East Sheen near Richmond in southwest London, and am happy to travel to Barnes, Mortlake, Putney, Chiswick, Ham, and Kingston. Most of my contacts in the trade are in these areas too. If you live much further away it might be possible to travel there for one-off jobs or consultations, but generally the closer I am the more feasible and affordable it is to make frequent short site visits should that be necessary.

Initial consultations and small projects

Typically a first visit will last one hour or less. I will get you to explain how you live while you show me round your room or whole house, pointing out any items or areas you are particularly fond of and wish to retain or build upon. We will then sit down to discuss what your goals are in your proposed interior improvement or redesign. If any measuring up is necessary it can be done after that – We can then agree what you’d like me to do – this can be just on-the-spot advice or I could go away and typically spend 1- 2 hours doing sketches and plans or even mood boards for larger projects, which I can either send you or meet you again to explain. On a small project this may be all you need to get your own decorators, carpenters or builders in and my involvement may end at this stage unless you’d like me to do a site visit to check up on progress or talk to your decorators.

More involved schemes

Alternatively you may wish to use me to design individual aspects in detail or choose whole colour schemes or bespoke finishes. You may want me to meet your decorators and builders to explain the scheme in depth, or you may wish to use builders I have used before and get me to manage them on your behalf. Perhaps you would like me to source materials or furniture personally. There are all kinds of possibilities and it’s impossible to prescribe as every situation is unique. At the highest level of involvement you may engage me to make regular site visits or even project manage a whole scheme should my circumstances allow.

Pre-builder advice

Even if you’ve already decided to get the builders in to extend, it may be worth getting an hour’s creative input first, so that you meet your builders armed with good ideas and with the confidence that you know what you’re talking about. This early input can repay itself many times over in the quality of the finished product. Even if you’ve already had builders round and got plans, there may be some cheap or cost neutral changes we can make to get a really excellent build. Builders themselves are practical problem solvers and may not be skilled or interested in the bigger visual or aesthetic picture. A visit and a few tweaks from me might transform what would have been a humdrum extension into a jaw-dropping living space.

Planning permission and compliance advice

Having developed and extended properties I can advise on planning and building regulation issues, and likely opportunities and limitations on your scope. I may have to go away to research this a little, and no answer is definitive because planning officers have devolved or delegated powers and are free to make decisions according to local practice and on a case by case basis.

Picture Hanging

A small job that I can consult on and do in a single visit is picture hanging. I have helped many clients to show off their art and photos to the best effect, while enhancing the proportions and balance of the room.

Sourcing and shopping

By using the best materials and furniture the high street has to offer, combined with a few more specialist pieces if required, I can create amazing spaces on a sensible budget. I can source and order standard or specialist building materials for you, and also furniture or any other bespoke requirements by arrangement. I have built up a good knowledge of suppliers, websites, shops and markets and am happy to research anything that’s unusual. Alternatively I can give you enough information that you can go and buy the stuff yourself – after all that can be one of the pleasures of any renovation or redesign and ensures the finished product is really personal to you.

Decluttering and pre-sale tidy ups

Having looked round dozens of homes and bought and sold many myself, I can give you an honest appraisal of how your home might come across to prospective purchasers. Often if it’s your own home it becomes hard to be objective if you’ve been there any length of time. An hour’s advice followed by a day’s decluttering (which I can also help you with if you wish) could recoup you many thousands in sale proceeds, or in a tough market make the difference between selling and not. Most people hold onto stuff from the past that weighs them down literally and metaphorically. Saying goodbye is hard but tremendously rewarding. If you really can’t part with stuff there’s always the option of short or long term storage which I can organise.

Storage solutions

I’ve lived in tiny houses and am expert in making storage space in the most unlikely of places. I can design and commission cupboards, wardrobes, shelves, trunks and hanging rails which look good and make use of small spaces you might not have thought of using, or spaces that are currently underused or not used at all.