About Simon

Simon RammSimon studied civil and structural engineering at undergraduate and Masters level before beginning his career as a village engineer in rural Africa. He gave up a career in charity project management in 2004 to fulfil his passion to develop properties with a focus on their interior design – initially for friends and family but most recently for himself – something he had been doing as a hobby since his twenties.

Largely self taught, two years ago Simon also completed a City & Guilds course in craft and design with cabinet making and he has since worked with various clients to commission various projects in wood.

In the past he has personally tackled client’s “snagging lists” of unfinished jobs following major building projects so has a good eye for detail and finish, and still prefers to do some specific hands-on work himself – particularly bespoke finishes and fine detailing.

Half a day a week Simon teaches three and four year olds the joys of basic woodwork and design at a local Montessori school.

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